Q: "Am I able to stop in and buy a baked good?"

A: Unfortunately not, I am not a storefront bakery. Everything I make is pre ordered, if you are wanting to place an order but are unsure if its too late, give me email @tastybakerypa@gmail.com and I will sure to let you know if I'm all booked up or not! which leads to this next question...


Q:" How far in advance do I need to place my order?"

A: The earlier the better! I try my best to not turn down orders, but I am only one person! Placing your order at least a month in advance would be ideal. For weddings, try to start planning around the 6 month mark, but again the earlier the better to secure your spot!


Q: "How much are your cakes?"

A: Each cake is very different, the price starts out with how many servings you'll be needing, from there we will have to look at how much detail and time that will be put into making items such as fondant designs, flowers, figures, ect. The base pricing for buttercream cakes start at $3.75 per serving and fondant covered cakes at $4.75 per serving. 

Q: "When can I pick up my cake?"

A: I do not take Monday or Tuesday pickups for cake orders! Wednesday time varies, usually from 11am-4pm. Thursday- Friday 11am-6pm. Saturday 9am-11am, Sunday 10am-noon.


Q: "Can I pay for my cake in full when I pick it up?"

A: NO! Every single order will have to have at least a 50% downpayment . I accept cash, card, Venmo or money order checks- If wanting to mail a money order check deposit, note how far in advance you will need to send it to reach me in time. All checks have to be made out to "Tasty Bakery"!


Q: "Do you make cookies?"

A: Yes! I only make decorated sugar cookies, they start at $54 per dozen. If needing the cookies bagged and bowed this would add $12 per dozen. 


Q: "I've never had fondant what does it taste like?"

A: Fondant is a form of icing that is very smooth and looks flawless on cakes, many designs that go onto cakes are made from fondant. To me, it tastes like a chewier version of a marshmallow. Some people hate it while others love it. If you're worried your guests won't like the taste but you love the look, it is very easy to peel off and eat around!


Q: "Do you deliver, if so how far?"

A: Absolutely!! I understand it can be very stressful delivering a cake, so leave it to me to make sure it gets there in one piece! As for distance, right now there is no limit, the furthest I have driven a large cake was 3.5 hours away. The usual fee is $2.35 per mile to the destination.


Q: "Do you offer wedding cake tastings?"

A: I do offer complementary tastings for weddings that will serve 120+ guests. The couple/ family will get to taste up to three cake batter flavors and three fillings of your choice. Wanting to try more than 3 batters/ fillings will just be an additional cost. Bringing pictures, swatches of colors, and other ideas is very helpful to give me a good feel for what you want your wedding cake or desserts to look like!


Q: "Am I able to get each tier a different flavor?"

A: Yes! There is no additional cost to do more than one flavor- this goes for both wedding cakes and all other events!